I have always heard this comment on all family functions, may it be parties or weddings “She is so much like her mom right!” “Carbon copy huh”…I would actually feel good to hear that but annoyed to actually hear their awe. I mean I am supposed to look like my mother obviously(rolls eyes).

Today on the occassion of mothers day everyone uploaded beautiful pictures of themselves with their gorgeous mothers and grandmothers on social sites. And today being sunday I had the leisure of actually going through all the pictures. And I observed one thing that either my friends looked like their moms or their grandmoms. Well yes I know its hereditary stuff and genes doing all the magic, but dont you think wat matters is the core that you are made of? Only looks wouldn’t give you the feel if you actually wouldnt adapt the core of the person. What I mean by this is what actually makes it so wonderful is that actual traits that are uprooted from their parents and grandparents may it be their smiles, their expressions, their style of talking, way they bat their lashes or just pose for a photo(ofcourse not selfies because that is fully gen next stuff! Rolls eyes!). I have a tiny tot at home who picks different traits from all of us women at home. She speaks very much like her mom uses the word “big deal” at the perfect places just like her mom! Struts around ditto like her mom. Well poses like me! She actually spoilt my sugar brand lipstick and another favorite shade of brown I had of lipstick I had trying to mimic me and well I was mad but when she said she was doing what I did, I did not really mind those broken lipsticks. She also smiles like my mom typically shying similar to her, sometimes even shouts at me like her.

So yeah, ultimately its the core that matters, the core that is passed on for generations. Learn to respect it cherish it. Afterall all of us are what our cores are made of. Remember like mother like daughter!



Today I was travelling to work in the crowded Mumbai trains early morning. I was rather calm since i wasn’t very late. I took the liberty of scanning around me and imagining clouds of thoughts as to what might be the women in my train thinking inside the filters of their brains guarded by the poker faces or not so poker faces… afterall, we are women😆. 

So a variety of activities were going around me. A woman was sitting eating her breakfast, rather stuffing it in her mouth before she reached her destination”I should have woken up 15 minutes earlier. Urghh”. Another was absolutely engrossed in a typical romantic conversation with her lover i assumed since her face was completely pink with flushing of her cheeks and her hand by itself smoothning her already smooth hair. I couldnt really draw a dialogue cloud in my mind but rather pretty much enjoy seeing her blush that way. (Somehow watching a happy couple gives me immense sense of joy. ) Whereas there was  this other woman chanting her prayers reading it from some booklet. This woman especially had this disturbed look of compulsion to finish it as soon as possible, at the same time she was pretty irritated with the woman who sat beside her, her cloud definately said ” God is she going to sit in my lap. Of all the people she had to chose me to squeeze. How do i pray in peace.. Ram.. Ram.. ” Suddenly we reached a station where the train halted and there entered a fisherwoman with her basket. Instead of the luggage compartment she chose to enter here! Suddenly there was fishy smell all over the comaprtment and women were not really pleased. Their expressions made it obvious. The fisherwoman was no less she did not bother ask people to excuse “Get aside or stink you Bi*****.” said her swag. I always imagine when these fisherwomen enter trains other women make way for them as if putting down a red carpet.. Of course not with respect but to avoid having that smelly water over them on their expensive clothes scented with delicate fragrances. Suddenly I saw two kids enter the trains jus as the trains were about to start. I had my heart in mouth as they jumped in! Suddnely i realised these kids were no less than gremlins! They were hanging out on purpose and teasing the people outside the trains, calling them names and shouting! Suddenly a middle aged woman scolded them to get in and stay in silence to which they got in scared by her tone but made faces to show their feeling,  “It was fun woman! You oldie! ” I too asked them to get in and supported the woman who was happy someone supported. 

Suddenly my attention was grabbed by this college student who very intutively was applying kohl on the waterline of her eyes without even a mirror! Talented girl i thought!! Who could have done that. How do women actually hold that black thing and sketch on their eyes in a moving train without a mirror and absolutely achieve the target of having perfect kohled eyes! In awe i did not want to draw a cloud for her. I rather gave her a golden star on her forehead! Then suddenly i heard a group of women sing in chorus. Baffled with the noise I turned to see these women singing songs to entertain them in their journey. In them as well I could distinguish the star singer who had her head held high and pulled the tunes a little too pitchy to show she was no commoner “I am good” she seemed pretty pleased with self.. Another was not too pleased with the singer woman.. ” show off started” she smirked while trying to sing along in chorus. A shy one was giggling at each word she uttered to sing in public, “Are you serious!  We are singing people.. Its a local train.. What am I doing? ” but even then she was gloriously singing with the amusing giggles. Considering it obvious an older lady was getting annoyed at the unwelcomed noise early morning in the middle of her tiny power naps, ” why on earth are they singing. They definately dont deserve alms for what they are performing!”

I was enjoying this beyond my imagination. There were dialogue clouds on so many heads you would not give daily soaps another glimpse if you actually tried to enjoy this train fun. But then as i was at the door the people trying to get in were rather in a pretty aggressive mood. All set to attak and get in and be a part if this wonderful journey. 

People I dont know which corner of the world you are reading this but once in a lifetime do try and enjoy the ride in my Mumbai local trains. Its super fun!



Finally I got chance to continue with my blog.. Jobs can literally suck the life out of you and your happiness that is writting(in my case) . Well I cant completely deny the fact that I have been lazy about setting a schedule but anyway.. Currently I am on a Vacation sitting in my balcony in Goa and sipping on lovely tea and remembering the best of what I can of my Naneghat Trek. Here is the what happened next.. 

So as we went through the rivulet and the attack of some wild weird insects we continued to explore the beauty nature had to offer. The beautiful path with all different trees and tiny little shrubs with beautiful flowers that could enchant any Alice in this wonderland. So we continued to march through the stony pathway and the soil was dry so the grip was easy but then “if you want to achieve heights you have to face the hardships” they(I) say. As we proceeded, the climb started getting tougher with stony pathway. I was sweating profusely from head to toe. Well suddenly nature had a solution, It started drizzling and eventually it started raining.. Frustrated by the sweat I did not bother to wear the windcheater. It felt refreshing and beautiful to hear the gushing of water through stony pathway, to see the waterfall through the tiny gaps between the stony cuts.. But now our job got tougher, since the rains turned soil into mud and it was extremely slippery, but we did not give up holding hands and getting grip as much as we can we continued. The scenes just got even more mesmerizing.. But slipping through the way I was tired and hungry. I wanted to sit, “enough of this.. I cant please” I panted. Just then the trek leaders asked us to walk just five minutes more to reach the point we were waiting for. After much of nagging I moved my tired body with anxious soul to find what was remaining. With “five minutes more “, sentence repeated over a hundered times for the next 1 whole hour(rolls eyes) we reached what seemed like a cave. “This is it! The cave, here is where the travellers who used to transport stuff sat to rest and have food and continue their journey by placing coins in the huge pot kept right there..”, pointed the trek guide aka my friend Ajinkya. We all watched in awe and entered the cave and dried ourselves.. We all arranged the food we had got which seemed like a little too much. After rounds of sharing and passing the food around we were finally full. We sat for some time and began to move.. I was thinking alas! it is finally over. When we were told to move to the summit. Now this was the unexpected part. We all continued after packng sacks and putting on our shoes.. We started walking and withing next five minutes could see vast stretch of heaven! How amazing was that.. There was greenery all around and then there was a valley like point where we stood and because of fog we were not able to see anything around us but just very very vast spread of infinity.. I stood there with goose bumps all over me.. Just then the winds blew and kissed my cheeks and made me feel ‘Yes you are alive!!’ That very moment tears welled up in my eyes and I wanted to take in as kuch of mother nature i could. I realised this was it! This was where lied my true happiness…


This experience is by far the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. This week I happened to go on my first trek ever. Well to be frank before this I never thought I could climb rocks and cross waterfalls or sit in a random place to eat. I never imagined soiling my clothes and actually not miniding it! I did not even bother the dirt on my shoes (which I barely tolerate)!! So this blog is dedicated to the life time experience I had with mother nature and its vast beauty! 

So after much of boosting by my bestie and regular dose of mental preparation by reading blogs of how lovely treks are,  by my friend aka trek lead aka amazing blogger nemophilist by nature I decided to go on a trek. Super excited I started out on a trek to a place called Naneghat. I had to leave home really early like 4.30 am but I was more than happy woke up without alarm by 3.30 got ready and I could feel the jump in my walk, as if I had springs attached to my shoes. Today I was not lazy. Today I was happy… No work, no gadgets, no machines, no pollution, no fights, no greed. Away from all this I was going to be in the lap of nature. In my true habitat. Where prevailed the fragrance of soil and the music of flowing water with the hint of love from the shades of beautiful trees! 

We reached the set point sharp on time. The way to the trek start point was itself so beautiful that i couldnt stop smiling imagining how the rest of trek would be. I was thinking what is wrong with me? I am not a nature fan. Before yesterday if anyone would ask me what would you prefer going to a mall or going to a garden I would say mall without a doubt or second thought! I agree trek and garden are completely different but that is how much i neglected the beauty of nature!

Anyway, so we assembled at a point where all met, right at the bottom of the Naneghat trek point. All seemed to have different moods. Some were like me anxious and excited while some seemed to be well versed with the process and the three leads seemed to have taken charge. So just like a leader commands his troops; we were explained the iternary and then explained how to go about. I was fully charged and so were the others all set to have an amazing time keeping all the stress and worries down at this point of start. 

So we started walking and after finishing this trek I can bet we started on the right foot. We started walking and soon we were taken in by the beauty and serenity of the nature. It all started out normal we were walking on a beautiful stony pathway with beautiful trees on both sides of way as far as your eyes could see. I being overly dramatic had this feeling of being too adventurous walking in a forest with chirpy noises of birds and buzz of insects and refreshing fragrance of the green leaves. I was mesmerized by this beauty. We kept walking until we reached a small rivulet sort of a thing. We held each others hands and merrily crossed this beautiful hurdle from reaching our goal. Further we kept walking only to be welcomed by the insects! It was like sudden first line of defence from the nature. I was irritated at first but then I thought obviously you are in woods what else do you expect?? I bet a tiny insect went into my mouth! Ewwww it tasted sour! 

Well I wasnt gonna give up!! spitting the insect out i continued further to overcome all the other hurdles. There was no stopping me today…


Do you know the feeling when you have the urge to know about something and somehow your trust in people’s knowledge (apart from few) scares you on relying on their information? 

So suddenly google pops in your mind! Your fingers grasp your phone and you see your saviour! You type your question and that adorable genius solves all your doubts in seconds and brags about it. This was what I used to feel google is “My saviour”!when one day one of my colleagues just blurted out, “God she googles everything!” 

That was like a good thing but then he sounded so wrong!  Then I started observing my urge to google stuff was actually more than normal!  (well who decides standards anyway??) 

But somehow I have googled to know whether the weather would be sunny or rainy?  To whether there actually exists a place called hogwarts?  Everything new I hear related to pharma(my source of bread), cooking recipies, How to write a blog to having smart whatsapp status!(this being my weirdly sick google search ever!)

So basically from the day that colleague named me an addict because I googled to check the validity of a post on whatsapp to today when i made lovely egg wraps using online recipe! I accept to be guilty of being a google addict but I am not sorry of it! 

Love you google! ❤



What is your biggest fear you ask? Falling prey to the management decisions I’d say… Well Layoffs are the new terror these days. You pick any national or the local newspaper the front page would tell you another number of people who were told to stay at home because their services were no longer required. You face a bomb attack you die… Here you face a layoff you die from within!

Recently all the layoffs around me have made me shit scared. Yes I fear this! For no absolute mistake of yours when you have to sign “I resign” it hurts. It hurts so deep like thousand knives in your chest. Well fortunate enough are those who dont have a family to look after or any responsibilities. But what about those whose kids wait expectantly for their fathers to take them on a trip to the disney land with their bonuses who rather get their leave letters? What about those daughters who wish to send their parents on a vacation but have to settle and ask for pocket money instead because they no longer have an income!!

What is the solution to this terror?  Which peace organisation will help deal with the depression associated with the cursed dreams and broken hearts? Is there an insurance for the shattered dreams of a newly wed couple who faced this layoff terror?  Who is going to help? What to do? 


Today’s Terror!

June is the best month of the year! Why? Because it is the most beautiful month of the year when the climate here in India changes from sunny and weary to cheerful and green! Then there is also one more reason (coy) Its my Birthday month!!  Yes its the gemini gals birthday month!! 

So this year as I blew off the candle over the lovely Choclate cake my best friends got me I had a moment of truth!  I had turned 25! These 25 years were basically the pillars in defining who I am today.. Or will be in next 25 years. These 25 years of commitment with myself were running before me like a movie scene. Well the early years were amiss though.. But what I realised was all these 25 years I was commited to keep one person happy!  Yes that one person was me myself!  Well I am proud of it that from a wailing little toddler to being a 25 year old decent woman I have always loved myself immensely. Its not that i havent loved others as much…Its just that my undivided attention was always enjoyed by me…

As the journey started I loved being under the limelight always. May it be the school head girl or the host for all college programmes in degree college I always managed to make myself proud. Whether it meant swearing and dancing to ear throbbing music stuffing on a blackcurrant icecream tub to being lost in my wonderland over my romance with chagrined cheeks I have always kept myself a priority. I do love my family, my soulies, my friends immensely because they have always helped me be Me and keep me staying commited. So to commited I feel that sometimes you need others to make you realise the importance to stay commited. 

The most important role played in this commitment is played by my father who still supports me in all stages.. Makes me realise that no job, no amount of money,  no guy or no challenge is ever big enough for you to break the commitment you make to self when you come to this world. The commitment to survive,  the commitment to smile, the commitment to not give up, the commitment to get up and walk and keep loving yourself no matter what challenge comes at your face… 

The conclusion being people stay committed to yourself!  When you keep yourself happy you will find others happy!https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/

What is your kind of music? The one which you love to hear at the start of your day to have that chirpy mood to get you going through all the obstacles. Just like the girl in the deodourant commercial looks as fresh as a daisy because she applies that fragrance that freshens her up, I feel that music is something that keeps the soul away from the tiring day that we go through at work. 

I love music and I am sure everyone does. It is soul food! What do you feel like doing when you feel sad? listen to romantic soulful songs! When angry-listen chanting peaceful music to make you calm down, when happy- bubbly sort of songs which make you hop to its beats, Motivated- music with a strong rhythm and beat and very inspiring lyrics. 

I do have my own choice of songs, preferentially Bollywood because that is something I have heard since I was a kid. I do love many other songs apart from bollywood.

My favorite is a song by Taylor Swift called “Shake it off” which i follow very religiously, which is why i dance to what she calls ‘coz its like i got this music in my mind sayin its gonna be alright!’

Then there is a song by coldplay which I play every evening that is “hymn for the weekend”. There is a song from confessions of a shopaholic called like “nobody’s watching you” which is my favorite to strut when i wear my crisp new clothes trying to be all dramatic😉.If I need to motivate myself I listen to songs from the movie Chak de,  which inspires me to just go out there and get it. 

Well the list just goes on… Whether you wake up listening to a beautiful song on your alarm, or you take shower trying to be the next pop music star to whether you sleep listening to sonata instrumental music forms the structure, the foundation of what we are and what we will be. This is because music is something that reaches our mind faster than words,  its power and strength to push you to happiness or depression is immense. 

For me the music is imperative. I need my compulsive dose of music everyday! So friends I wrote this post being inspired from a book I am reading which taught me that we need to choose the music that we listen wisely putting a thought to it..


Who says only therapies and medicines and counselling can sort your life issues? For me it has been many different things…Peace of mind being a very expensive gift one can give themselves when stressed. But the question is how? 

For me different stresses need different therapies! No not the lecturing ones.. These are super fun and effective! 

 When I am stressed over my studies or job or any career related problems, the best therapy I can think of is going to a seaside sitting on rocks and just watching silently as the time passes by. Watch the endlesss universe!  Hear the wonderful sound of the waves kissing the feet of rocks! I prefer going around sunsets, this is the time when you have a cool weather, beautiful skies with sun slowly gliding down the water and lightning up other side of the world. The silence which is so endearing, and when the sun sets it leaves the skies with a promise of returning soon,  colouring it with its love, leaving its brassy tinge behind. This romance of nature is something that makes me realise that there is so much more to our lives than what we restrict ourselves to! 

Then there is the other kind of therapy for destressing,  the one which works most of the times,  especially post break ups! It is called the gain and burn therapy. This one is fun too!  All you have to do is look chic in your pajamas,  watch your favorite chic flick eat a tub of icecream all by yourself! After you are done pampering and cozying, reassuring your soul with blessings of the frozen foods, let ur hair loose and play music till you cant hear your own voice and sing along at the top of your voice whilst dancing freakishly! This helps me let go all the pent up frustration I often tend to hide to not seem rude, which is what many of us do!

The next one I do is to let go the physical and mental stress buster! Its called SLEEP! I sleep for 7-8 hours!  And sometimes near to 12 hours and wake up chirpy!  No, never have I ever felt guilty of sleeping in late!  Its our birth right! 

Then the simplest one is playing with my wonderful baby Niece!  She is a darling angel!  Everyone should try sleeping next to a baby… The beauty of watching a baby sleep is precious! Its the best stress buster. All you have to do is lie down beside them. Watch them smile in dreams,  feel the fluttering of their heart beats. Let them grab your finger in their grip. Dont let go. They will pull out the stress for sure! 

The last one but one of the best one is called the Diary!  Well my diaries have always been living souls! My soulies! A night out with my soulies (or the love of your life can work as well) letting out everything that goes on my mind and hearing them give the stupidest of solutions over it is like amazing! You will know how amazing it is when you sit down with your people and make fun and belittle those stress devils that they dont seem to dampen your spirits anymore! 

Well sometimes destressing could be just something that could just make you smile☺ 

Stay stress free people❤

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