My soul sisters!! These were, are and always be my philosophers,  guides, my secret diary, my darlings, my everything! The three musketeers😘


This thought sure must have crossed every ardent shopping lovers mind! I am not lying, this thought also crossed my mind once.. 

So this one day me and my soulie Renu were shopping. She was telling me her experiences with one of her friend who told her stories of how they shoplifted once. 

I was looking through the beatifully displayed shop windows just window shopping, trying on some dresses, looking through the what is called the imitation ices . But then I was very much interested in her story. Now this girl is like a yin to my yang and a yang to my ying. We are the ultimate partners in crime. 

My mind was on her talks and my eyes were on the shelves. I saw this beautiful neckpiece. It had to be mine! My eyes glistened just imagining me wearing it. I tugged at its label. 750 Rupees it said! Well, being a teenager and having a great choice is never a good idea! I was a teenager too back then with another equally crazy teenager! 

So I carefully pulled it out of the rack. Tried it on,  needless to mention, it looked fabulous! ” Buy it!”she exclaimed. “No its too expensive for me”, I shrugged and turned to mirror to check how I looked. IT SHOULD BE MINE! 

“Can they trace shoplifters? ” I asked her. She gave me an understanding look, while a woman eyed me suspiciously overhearing me. I pulled her hand. Sitting in the changing room we weighed our pros and cons. 

We just had to tear off the tag and pop it in our purse!  Rest was history. We planned and plotted. I was all set to tear the label and the bag was ready! But suddenly our conscience grew better of us and we decided to keep it away(Not really, we just spotted a CCTV overhead). 

Keep shopping!👜💵😇

The yin to my yang!

Few months ago my previous workplace had arranged for an event for the corporate social responsibility.

We had the opportunity to teach in a primary municipal school. Whether it is an old municipal school or whether it be a posh private school there is always a different kind of energetic vibe to a school. This school we had been had the same vibe. As we entered we could hear the children sing their morning prayers in a union.

We the scientists had decided and prepared  to display to these kids that science could be fascinating! It could be so intruguing! 

The school had put up all their benches and chairs. Arranged very well all the necessities which were required. We were no less!  We had packed our arsenals!  We had ballons and candles! Bottles, chemicals, burners, models, charts, colours, and what not and what more! We were all set. 

Now the students started coming in the hall where we were all prepped. The day was bright and so were the children. I could swear those were the happiest smiles I had seen ever. The cutest giggles. Then a coy looking kid stood before us his hands tucked beside as if glued, “What are you teaching us?” he asked. We started our day with him. 

We had simple yet fun experiments of filling up balloons with Carbon dioxide from the reaction of soda and citric acid with water, we had the osmosis experiment,  we also had the experiment of sublimation of Iodine giving out coloured fumes inside the covered funnel. This was just one stall!  Other creative minds had other fun experiments. We had a blast! We explained to the kids how these experiments were done. I should give credit to these tiny tots that they were pretty smart to catch up the tiniest details. 

Many of the students came to us said thank you! “We loved it! would you keep coming? Our labs are just namesake! We never have such fun with studies! ” shrugged a cute lil girl with two plaids and a cute red bow. Another one came to me and shook hands asking to click a picture. Suddenly looking at that a bunch of tiny giggly girls came up and asked for a picture too. The guy we had appointed for clicking started clicking feverishly.  These kids wanted to know about us,  our names,  our work, and many more such questions! Just when all this was going on I saw a guy sneaking up few balloons from the box. I gestured him controlling my laughter at the look on his face. I gave him a death stare. Then smiled slowly and handed him a few more with a promise that he would share with his friends. His eyes glistened with joy! 

The day continued with  endless fun and by the end of the day we were all in a trance. These kids took us out of our concrete jungles. They taught us more than we taught them. They would answer with simplicity when asked a question,  stating the obvious.

I still think to myself, does being a grown up makes you complicate your life? Where does the obvious disappear in the world of concepts and theories?

Then the time had finally come when we had to head back where we belonged. We packed up and started to leave. Suddenly me and my other colleagues could hear a huge cheer and calls! We looked up the window to see all the students wave to us from their classes.  Come soon! Thank you!  Didi (elder sister)! They waved with all their might! 

I am sure I did shed a tear or two! I was so overwhelmed and so were others!  We created an impact and how! That day thanks to those buff benches I felt like a movie star… 

Me and my friend at the CSR event! 

“I do not like it very much here. Its very uncomfortable. Do take me home soon please..” these were the words my grandpa uttered to me in the hospital room in his ICU ward with the tubes and wires all attached to him.

“Very soon grandpa” I lied, feeding him the soup. I did not know how soon he would come home. “ I want to go home today!”, he ordered, making a face a three year old would make to go home from school. “ I have to leave for college, brother is going to be here soon, I promise I will call him and tell him to talk to the doctor about your discharge” , I said wiping the sweat off his brows. “And I will definately give granma your love… See you tomorrow, bye.” I left for my college, reached there had my lunch very reluctantly as the cacophony of his words rung in my brain repeatedly. Something did not feel right in the pit of my stomach. I packed my tiffin and ran up to the lab to finish my experiments. I had just started when my phone rang, it was mom.

That was the phone call I never want to remember! That was the phone call that had that capacity to completely change me. Can you imagine how three words can detonate your state of mind and leave you dumbstruck and absolutely stunned. “… Grandpa passed away”, these were the words my mom said and started sobbing over the phone. I remember extremely vaguely what happened after that. My two best friends came to drop me in a vehicle to reach home (which I did not wish to go as my grandmother who is my strength and courage even today, would be standing there helpless and in despair).

Not a single tear was shed by her. No! her strength knew no bounds. “ Don’t cry”, she told me, not yet. After a while grandpa was brought home on a stretcher. I couldn’t look at my grandma, she sat in a corner of the couch. I sat at her feet with my head in her lap, both looking at grandpa talking heart-to -heart. People kept saying make your grandma cry she maybe in a shock. Spoke about their experiences with him, women hugged her, sobbed. But alas not a word from her, not a tear.

I did not force her either, I knew deep down… she knows what she is doing.

All the last rites were done and they were taking grandpa away. She said with a heavy voice and tears welled up in her eyes, “See you left first, you wanted that always! After all these wonderful 60 years of togetherness you left me incomplete..” and again she gained control. She gestured him his last kiss, his goodbye kiss.

They took him away. The moment he was out of the house grandma had a detonation of her own. This was the blast she could never recover from, nor can any of us. I hugged her, wiping her unremitting tears… “Incomplete..” she mumbled.


This post is dedicated to my tiny tot. My 2 year old niece who is my favorite person and is the only person who hits me when I cry.

Well there was this period about four months ago when I just lost my job (internship). This was the period I was completely depressed. Dejection and impatience were my best friends back then. About two weeks of job search later I decided to give it a break and wait for some response. In the mean time I grew closer to this tiny little angel…

I used to practically keep myself busy with my niece, parenting her! Since my brother and sister in law are working parents, I got a lot of time alone with my niece. I used to prep her, feed her, change her diapers, watch tv commercials on you tube(her personal favorites repeatedly!!), play with her. If i ever got depressed or cried she used to come, reach my face and give me kisses and if I still wouldn’t stop then I guess she used to feel restless and start to hit me playfully. After two to three days of this therapy with my two year old therapist I felt relaxed. Just by the look in her eyes of complete awe for her aunt, unexpected pecks on my cheeks and her endless love for me, I started loving myself. She taught me the true meaning of innocence.

I grew too close to her over next one month. Then about that time I interviewed for the company I work with currently. Finally the day of my joining arrived.

I was now reluctant to go for the job on my first day. I wanted to be at home, playing with this bundle of joy. I had developed something similar to post partum depression even without giving birth! This was when I realised a woman need not give birth to experience motherhood. Its infused in us!
This infusion of love and motherly affection is the major essence of being a woman….

Me and my baby niece💖


The dramatisch Gemini!

Variety is the spice of life! Placeholder Image

Writting a blog was something I always wanted to do.. Today with the right motivation i decided to do it finally. I generally have a take on everything in life. Being the typical gemini I want to try everything new under the sun (writing a blog being a part of it). I am absoulutely capricious. I sincerely believe you get one life better live it. Try everything that you can. I believe when you have this attitude there should be no regrets and so even though I have had tough times but I have never had regrets, NEVER!

In my blogs I would be putting up my ideas and my experiences. It maybe funny, emotional, angry or maybe sometimes even motivational as per my unpredictable gemini nature… 😉

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