I figured out where hid my true happiness.. Part 1.

This experience is by far the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. This week I happened to go on my first trek ever. Well to be frank before this I never thought I could climb rocks and cross waterfalls or sit in a random place to eat. I never imagined soiling my clothes and actually not miniding it! I did not even bother the dirt on my shoes (which I barely tolerate)!! So this blog is dedicated to the life time experience I had with mother nature and its vast beauty! 

So after much of boosting by my bestie and regular dose of mental preparation by reading blogs of how lovely treks are,  by my friend aka trek lead aka amazing blogger nemophilist by nature I decided to go on a trek. Super excited I started out on a trek to a place called Naneghat. I had to leave home really early like 4.30 am but I was more than happy woke up without alarm by 3.30 got ready and I could feel the jump in my walk, as if I had springs attached to my shoes. Today I was not lazy. Today I was happy… No work, no gadgets, no machines, no pollution, no fights, no greed. Away from all this I was going to be in the lap of nature. In my true habitat. Where prevailed the fragrance of soil and the music of flowing water with the hint of love from the shades of beautiful trees! 

We reached the set point sharp on time. The way to the trek start point was itself so beautiful that i couldnt stop smiling imagining how the rest of trek would be. I was thinking what is wrong with me? I am not a nature fan. Before yesterday if anyone would ask me what would you prefer going to a mall or going to a garden I would say mall without a doubt or second thought! I agree trek and garden are completely different but that is how much i neglected the beauty of nature!

Anyway, so we assembled at a point where all met, right at the bottom of the Naneghat trek point. All seemed to have different moods. Some were like me anxious and excited while some seemed to be well versed with the process and the three leads seemed to have taken charge. So just like a leader commands his troops; we were explained the iternary and then explained how to go about. I was fully charged and so were the others all set to have an amazing time keeping all the stress and worries down at this point of start. 

So we started walking and after finishing this trek I can bet we started on the right foot. We started walking and soon we were taken in by the beauty and serenity of the nature. It all started out normal we were walking on a beautiful stony pathway with beautiful trees on both sides of way as far as your eyes could see. I being overly dramatic had this feeling of being too adventurous walking in a forest with chirpy noises of birds and buzz of insects and refreshing fragrance of the green leaves. I was mesmerized by this beauty. We kept walking until we reached a small rivulet sort of a thing. We held each others hands and merrily crossed this beautiful hurdle from reaching our goal. Further we kept walking only to be welcomed by the insects! It was like sudden first line of defence from the nature. I was irritated at first but then I thought obviously you are in woods what else do you expect?? I bet a tiny insect went into my mouth! Ewwww it tasted sour! 

Well I wasnt gonna give up!! spitting the insect out i continued further to overcome all the other hurdles. There was no stopping me today…



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