Am I a google addict? 

Do you know the feeling when you have the urge to know about something and somehow your trust in people’s knowledge (apart from few) scares you on relying on their information? 

So suddenly google pops in your mind! Your fingers grasp your phone and you see your saviour! You type your question and that adorable genius solves all your doubts in seconds and brags about it. This was what I used to feel google is “My saviour”!when one day one of my colleagues just blurted out, “God she googles everything!” 

That was like a good thing but then he sounded so wrong!  Then I started observing my urge to google stuff was actually more than normal!  (well who decides standards anyway??) 

But somehow I have googled to know whether the weather would be sunny or rainy?  To whether there actually exists a place called hogwarts?  Everything new I hear related to pharma(my source of bread), cooking recipies, How to write a blog to having smart whatsapp status!(this being my weirdly sick google search ever!)

So basically from the day that colleague named me an addict because I googled to check the validity of a post on whatsapp to today when i made lovely egg wraps using online recipe! I accept to be guilty of being a google addict but I am not sorry of it! 

Love you google! ❤


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