Value what u have!

Well today’s blog is a cause of serious concern for me! I have always thought what do people think when they are about to commit suicide! Yes today I couldn’t wipe this thought out of my mind so i thought lets see if people can help!

Recently I happened to watch a video that went viral. It was about a 9 year old who jumped off her balcony in western suburbs of Mumbai. Immediately after that i happened to read an article of a mass suicide carried out at Delhi where 11 people are assumed to have killed themselves to attain salvation. (Are you serious??). Well that was recent, before that in general you have incidents where you hear suicide done by teenagers for love, by men of the family for inability to earn what was required for family. There are cases of killings and then suicide to ensure revenge was taken of a cheating wife and lover and out of rage suicide too!

But even after understanding and sympathizing I have just one question. Did those people achieve what they wanted by killing themselves? I am sure there could be some solution to all the depression and all the rage there is. I really can’t understand what problem a 9-10 year old can have that could possibly not be sorted? Poor grades? Abuse? Depression? Poverty? Parents neglect?

And solution? Suicide?? How did that solve the problems? What happens to the parents? What happens to the young friends?

Salvation was new though! Killing self to attain peace? Who knows what is in the after life? Isnt it too big a gamble to play? After the rituals or whatever process once you kill.. What if u dont achieve what you expected?

Rage! Solution? Killing and suicide? What could have been worst case scenario? You would have to find a new partner or even die alone but not only you give up life and punish yourself for someone else’s choices and cheating nature but also lose any chance of living the invaluable life people yearn for!

Well I have developed a deep rooted hatred for people committing suicide! Yes reason being my visit at Tata memorial cancer centre few years ago for a college project. I am still thankful to date to god for having let me visit that place. I learnt the value of my life! That day i observed an infant to an old person fighting for their dear life with a disease named cancer! This is just an understatement! I hope you get the picture, A tiny tot about 4 year old waiting hanging on her mothers finger restless for her turn for checkup. She could visibly be observed to be in pain but still somehow managed to keep the childish mischievous grin on. I welled up with tears. I further saw a middle aged man on wheel chair driven by his teenage son to radiotherapy. I am sure if not for cancer, the father would have driven his son to teach him driving!

Anyone out there if you faintly feel suicidal, go talk to your friends! Please imagine your family when they see you dead! Do think what can you do with the life you have! There are infants born with a hole in their hearts and their parents wont possibly be able to see their first step for something they have absolutely no control on. I understand killing oneself is a decision out of sheer hoplessness but maybe only once if you tried imagining your parents face..

Value what you have! That is the need of the hour today! Please!

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