I figured out where hid my true happiness part 2..

Finally I got chance to continue with my blog.. Jobs can literally suck the life out of you and your happiness that is writting(in my case) . Well I cant completely deny the fact that I have been lazy about setting a schedule but anyway.. Currently I am on a Vacation sitting in my balcony in Goa and sipping on lovely tea and remembering the best of what I can of my Naneghat Trek. Here is the what happened next.. 

So as we went through the rivulet and the attack of some wild weird insects we continued to explore the beauty nature had to offer. The beautiful path with all different trees and tiny little shrubs with beautiful flowers that could enchant any Alice in this wonderland. So we continued to march through the stony pathway and the soil was dry so the grip was easy but then “if you want to achieve heights you have to face the hardships” they(I) say. As we proceeded, the climb started getting tougher with stony pathway. I was sweating profusely from head to toe. Well suddenly nature had a solution, It started drizzling and eventually it started raining.. Frustrated by the sweat I did not bother to wear the windcheater. It felt refreshing and beautiful to hear the gushing of water through stony pathway, to see the waterfall through the tiny gaps between the stony cuts.. But now our job got tougher, since the rains turned soil into mud and it was extremely slippery, but we did not give up holding hands and getting grip as much as we can we continued. The scenes just got even more mesmerizing.. But slipping through the way I was tired and hungry. I wanted to sit, “enough of this.. I cant please” I panted. Just then the trek leaders asked us to walk just five minutes more to reach the point we were waiting for. After much of nagging I moved my tired body with anxious soul to find what was remaining. With “five minutes more “, sentence repeated over a hundered times for the next 1 whole hour(rolls eyes) we reached what seemed like a cave. “This is it! The cave, here is where the travellers who used to transport stuff sat to rest and have food and continue their journey by placing coins in the huge pot kept right there..”, pointed the trek guide aka my friend Ajinkya. We all watched in awe and entered the cave and dried ourselves.. We all arranged the food we had got which seemed like a little too much. After rounds of sharing and passing the food around we were finally full. We sat for some time and began to move.. I was thinking alas! it is finally over. When we were told to move to the summit. Now this was the unexpected part. We all continued after packng sacks and putting on our shoes.. We started walking and withing next five minutes could see vast stretch of heaven! How amazing was that.. There was greenery all around and then there was a valley like point where we stood and because of fog we were not able to see anything around us but just very very vast spread of infinity.. I stood there with goose bumps all over me.. Just then the winds blew and kissed my cheeks and made me feel ‘Yes you are alive!!’ That very moment tears welled up in my eyes and I wanted to take in as kuch of mother nature i could. I realised this was it! This was where lied my true happiness…



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