Live! Mumbai Local trains! 

Today I was travelling to work in the crowded Mumbai trains early morning. I was rather calm since i wasn’t very late. I took the liberty of scanning around me and imagining clouds of thoughts as to what might be the women in my train thinking inside the filters of their brains guarded by the poker faces or not so poker faces… afterall, we are women😆. 

So a variety of activities were going around me. A woman was sitting eating her breakfast, rather stuffing it in her mouth before she reached her destination”I should have woken up 15 minutes earlier. Urghh”. Another was absolutely engrossed in a typical romantic conversation with her lover i assumed since her face was completely pink with flushing of her cheeks and her hand by itself smoothning her already smooth hair. I couldnt really draw a dialogue cloud in my mind but rather pretty much enjoy seeing her blush that way. (Somehow watching a happy couple gives me immense sense of joy. ) Whereas there was  this other woman chanting her prayers reading it from some booklet. This woman especially had this disturbed look of compulsion to finish it as soon as possible, at the same time she was pretty irritated with the woman who sat beside her, her cloud definately said ” God is she going to sit in my lap. Of all the people she had to chose me to squeeze. How do i pray in peace.. Ram.. Ram.. ” Suddenly we reached a station where the train halted and there entered a fisherwoman with her basket. Instead of the luggage compartment she chose to enter here! Suddenly there was fishy smell all over the comaprtment and women were not really pleased. Their expressions made it obvious. The fisherwoman was no less she did not bother ask people to excuse “Get aside or stink you Bi*****.” said her swag. I always imagine when these fisherwomen enter trains other women make way for them as if putting down a red carpet.. Of course not with respect but to avoid having that smelly water over them on their expensive clothes scented with delicate fragrances. Suddenly I saw two kids enter the trains jus as the trains were about to start. I had my heart in mouth as they jumped in! Suddnely i realised these kids were no less than gremlins! They were hanging out on purpose and teasing the people outside the trains, calling them names and shouting! Suddenly a middle aged woman scolded them to get in and stay in silence to which they got in scared by her tone but made faces to show their feeling,  “It was fun woman! You oldie! ” I too asked them to get in and supported the woman who was happy someone supported. 

Suddenly my attention was grabbed by this college student who very intutively was applying kohl on the waterline of her eyes without even a mirror! Talented girl i thought!! Who could have done that. How do women actually hold that black thing and sketch on their eyes in a moving train without a mirror and absolutely achieve the target of having perfect kohled eyes! In awe i did not want to draw a cloud for her. I rather gave her a golden star on her forehead! Then suddenly i heard a group of women sing in chorus. Baffled with the noise I turned to see these women singing songs to entertain them in their journey. In them as well I could distinguish the star singer who had her head held high and pulled the tunes a little too pitchy to show she was no commoner “I am good” she seemed pretty pleased with self.. Another was not too pleased with the singer woman.. ” show off started” she smirked while trying to sing along in chorus. A shy one was giggling at each word she uttered to sing in public, “Are you serious!  We are singing people.. Its a local train.. What am I doing? ” but even then she was gloriously singing with the amusing giggles. Considering it obvious an older lady was getting annoyed at the unwelcomed noise early morning in the middle of her tiny power naps, ” why on earth are they singing. They definately dont deserve alms for what they are performing!”

I was enjoying this beyond my imagination. There were dialogue clouds on so many heads you would not give daily soaps another glimpse if you actually tried to enjoy this train fun. But then as i was at the door the people trying to get in were rather in a pretty aggressive mood. All set to attak and get in and be a part if this wonderful journey. 

People I dont know which corner of the world you are reading this but once in a lifetime do try and enjoy the ride in my Mumbai local trains. Its super fun!



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