Sick leave or work from home?

Are you amongst the working population who works almost 5-6 days a week and more than 9 hours? Are you amongst those who have to come home and work again to help cook, clean, take care of old grandparent, and also your own personal chores like wadrobe cleaning(which happens to go haywire every fortnight like a regular schedule) ? Are you amongst those who have by some pre-written ill fate, signed yourself up for certain language course on one and only day you certainly have leave i.e. Sunday?? And are you also amongst those who absolutely cannot avoid family functions and gatherings of close friends on that sunday evening even after all the above schedule? If you have answered yes to all of those questions then you will understand that one fine day you will have such a breakdown where you dont really care what the schedule of the day is, you only feel like calling in sick!

Yes calling in sick! Taking the meds for body pain and lying down on my bed! Only eating and drinking breaks. And shut all the windows and doors avoiding the slightest glimpse of the outside world! That is what I felt like doing today.. Rather that is what I did today! But then what about this small thing equivalent to a wailing infant who rings just when you are about to fall asleep after the meagre meal you manage to push down your throat. You see the phone and it says, “Work calling! ”

You flip out! Yes blankly you just flip in that rage. You either answer or you ignore! That is as per the level of your temper. Today was a day of missed call for me! I called in sick.. Had my breakfast and slept again. When I woke up I had missed call from boss no.1. That was after I had put up a leave message early in the morning. Then had my lunch and again slept. Then woke up in the evening fresh and invigorated after a good day of rest and recovery only to find missed call alert from boss No. 2 as soon as you switch on phone. Okay! so what to do? What do you mean by sick leave? It means you are NOT WELL!! which also means that you are away from work to relax and keep away from all the work stress. Dont you think that its mandatory for work people to understand the fact that you are resting and that wailing little phone and related work related details might disturb you? Is it necessary for the HR people to make a rule to not allow calls form boss on a sick leave?

What is the difference between sick leave and work from home? When will people understand to not disturb? Where is that basic understanding which I saw just a decade ago when my parents used to work? How did they manage to keep work life and personal lives apart? Can you answer this for me?


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