Like Mother like Daughter!

I have always heard this comment on all family functions, may it be parties or weddings “She is so much like her mom right!” “Carbon copy huh”…I would actually feel good to hear that but annoyed to actually hear their awe. I mean I am supposed to look like my mother obviously(rolls eyes).

Today on the occassion of mothers day everyone uploaded beautiful pictures of themselves with their gorgeous mothers and grandmothers on social sites. And today being sunday I had the leisure of actually going through all the pictures. And I observed one thing that either my friends looked like their moms or their grandmoms. Well yes I know its hereditary stuff and genes doing all the magic, but dont you think wat matters is the core that you are made of? Only looks wouldn’t give you the feel if you actually wouldnt adapt the core of the person. What I mean by this is what actually makes it so wonderful is that actual traits that are uprooted from their parents and grandparents may it be their smiles, their expressions, their style of talking, way they bat their lashes or just pose for a photo(ofcourse not selfies because that is fully gen next stuff! Rolls eyes!). I have a tiny tot at home who picks different traits from all of us women at home. She speaks very much like her mom uses the word “big deal” at the perfect places just like her mom! Struts around ditto like her mom. Well poses like me! She actually spoilt my sugar brand lipstick and another favorite shade of brown I had of lipstick I had trying to mimic me and well I was mad but when she said she was doing what I did, I did not really mind those broken lipsticks. She also smiles like my mom typically shying similar to her, sometimes even shouts at me like her.

So yeah, ultimately its the core that matters, the core that is passed on for generations. Learn to respect it cherish it. Afterall all of us are what our cores are made of. Remember like mother like daughter!


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