25 years of commitment With Self!! 

June is the best month of the year! Why? Because it is the most beautiful month of the year when the climate here in India changes from sunny and weary to cheerful and green! Then there is also one more reason (coy) Its my Birthday month!!  Yes its the gemini gals birthday month!! 

So this year as I blew off the candle over the lovely Choclate cake my best friends got me I had a moment of truth!  I had turned 25! These 25 years were basically the pillars in defining who I am today.. Or will be in next 25 years. These 25 years of commitment with myself were running before me like a movie scene. Well the early years were amiss though.. But what I realised was all these 25 years I was commited to keep one person happy!  Yes that one person was me myself!  Well I am proud of it that from a wailing little toddler to being a 25 year old decent woman I have always loved myself immensely. Its not that i havent loved others as much…Its just that my undivided attention was always enjoyed by me…

As the journey started I loved being under the limelight always. May it be the school head girl or the host for all college programmes in degree college I always managed to make myself proud. Whether it meant swearing and dancing to ear throbbing music stuffing on a blackcurrant icecream tub to being lost in my wonderland over my romance with chagrined cheeks I have always kept myself a priority. I do love my family, my soulies, my friends immensely because they have always helped me be Me and keep me staying commited. So to commited I feel that sometimes you need others to make you realise the importance to stay commited. 

The most important role played in this commitment is played by my father who still supports me in all stages.. Makes me realise that no job, no amount of money,  no guy or no challenge is ever big enough for you to break the commitment you make to self when you come to this world. The commitment to survive,  the commitment to smile, the commitment to not give up, the commitment to get up and walk and keep loving yourself no matter what challenge comes at your face… 

The conclusion being people stay committed to yourself!  When you keep yourself happy you will find others happy!https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/


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