The Compulsive need of Music

What is your kind of music? The one which you love to hear at the start of your day to have that chirpy mood to get you going through all the obstacles. Just like the girl in the deodourant commercial looks as fresh as a daisy because she applies that fragrance that freshens her up, I feel that music is something that keeps the soul away from the tiring day that we go through at work. 

I love music and I am sure everyone does. It is soul food! What do you feel like doing when you feel sad? listen to romantic soulful songs! When angry-listen chanting peaceful music to make you calm down, when happy- bubbly sort of songs which make you hop to its beats, Motivated- music with a strong rhythm and beat and very inspiring lyrics. 

I do have my own choice of songs, preferentially Bollywood because that is something I have heard since I was a kid. I do love many other songs apart from bollywood.

My favorite is a song by Taylor Swift called “Shake it off” which i follow very religiously, which is why i dance to what she calls ‘coz its like i got this music in my mind sayin its gonna be alright!’

Then there is a song by coldplay which I play every evening that is “hymn for the weekend”. There is a song from confessions of a shopaholic called like “nobody’s watching you” which is my favorite to strut when i wear my crisp new clothes trying to be all dramatic😉.If I need to motivate myself I listen to songs from the movie Chak de,  which inspires me to just go out there and get it. 

Well the list just goes on… Whether you wake up listening to a beautiful song on your alarm, or you take shower trying to be the next pop music star to whether you sleep listening to sonata instrumental music forms the structure, the foundation of what we are and what we will be. This is because music is something that reaches our mind faster than words,  its power and strength to push you to happiness or depression is immense. 

For me the music is imperative. I need my compulsive dose of music everyday! So friends I wrote this post being inspired from a book I am reading which taught me that we need to choose the music that we listen wisely putting a thought to it..


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