Who says only therapies and medicines and counselling can sort your life issues? For me it has been many different things…Peace of mind being a very expensive gift one can give themselves when stressed. But the question is how? 

For me different stresses need different therapies! No not the lecturing ones.. These are super fun and effective! 

 When I am stressed over my studies or job or any career related problems, the best therapy I can think of is going to a seaside sitting on rocks and just watching silently as the time passes by. Watch the endlesss universe!  Hear the wonderful sound of the waves kissing the feet of rocks! I prefer going around sunsets, this is the time when you have a cool weather, beautiful skies with sun slowly gliding down the water and lightning up other side of the world. The silence which is so endearing, and when the sun sets it leaves the skies with a promise of returning soon,  colouring it with its love, leaving its brassy tinge behind. This romance of nature is something that makes me realise that there is so much more to our lives than what we restrict ourselves to! 

Then there is the other kind of therapy for destressing,  the one which works most of the times,  especially post break ups! It is called the gain and burn therapy. This one is fun too!  All you have to do is look chic in your pajamas,  watch your favorite chic flick eat a tub of icecream all by yourself! After you are done pampering and cozying, reassuring your soul with blessings of the frozen foods, let ur hair loose and play music till you cant hear your own voice and sing along at the top of your voice whilst dancing freakishly! This helps me let go all the pent up frustration I often tend to hide to not seem rude, which is what many of us do!

The next one I do is to let go the physical and mental stress buster! Its called SLEEP! I sleep for 7-8 hours!  And sometimes near to 12 hours and wake up chirpy!  No, never have I ever felt guilty of sleeping in late!  Its our birth right! 

Then the simplest one is playing with my wonderful baby Niece!  She is a darling angel!  Everyone should try sleeping next to a baby… The beauty of watching a baby sleep is precious! Its the best stress buster. All you have to do is lie down beside them. Watch them smile in dreams,  feel the fluttering of their heart beats. Let them grab your finger in their grip. Dont let go. They will pull out the stress for sure! 

The last one but one of the best one is called the Diary!  Well my diaries have always been living souls! My soulies! A night out with my soulies (or the love of your life can work as well) letting out everything that goes on my mind and hearing them give the stupidest of solutions over it is like amazing! You will know how amazing it is when you sit down with your people and make fun and belittle those stress devils that they dont seem to dampen your spirits anymore! 

Well sometimes destressing could be just something that could just make you smile☺ 

Stay stress free people❤


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