Even the disney princesses had to choose their portions.. 

I was thinking about writing in relation to the dating expectations from quite a while. So today the word portions inspired me to write it finally. Well yes portions!  Dont we have to choose what we love in portions?

Right from the time I heard the classics I knew the guy a girl should choose should!!  be tall, dark and handsome! After we grew a little more I realised the tall dark handsome had been replaced by the portion called tall, “fair” and handsome. Then it was changed to smart, rich and famous! Be it the prince charming from the Cinderella story who could dance well and was loaded with money or may it be the prince from Snow white and seven drawfs who was extremely handsome or the prince who woke the sleeping beauty from her deep sleep(apparently he must be a really good kisser I think to have the beauty awakened from the sleep! ). So yes the disney princesses did choOse the portions as per their preferences! 

From my experience, the famous agony aunt for my girls or even any other experience,  our todays dating standards are some what similar!  Dont you think?  Either you can have the breathtakingly charming dude with absolute hatred to commitment, or you can have the most amazing, loving guy without any commitment  issues but without those charms or the attitude as well which that player guy had, or you can opt for the amazingly brainy dude with an ability to make u feel inferior intellectually everytime he tries to converse with you!  How do you choose which portions do you want and which you dont? 

Afterall the strenous thoughts I still couldn’t figure out as to what would I want in my happily ever after or even my present for that matter😂! Well for now I have accepted the fact that my portions would definately have love and respect(the remaining list would surely give me an anxiety attack)! Lots of Love❤ 


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  1. This is great! I found myself thinking about this last night. I just found the series Happily Ever After on Netflix and got wrapped up with the fairytale idea. I love how you talked about how our vision of “prince charming” changes. My “tall, dark and handsome” man is a shorter, blond hair blue eyed hunk. But, he’s MY prince charming 🙂

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