Can they trace Shoplifters?? 

This thought sure must have crossed every ardent shopping lovers mind! I am not lying, this thought also crossed my mind once.. 

So this one day me and my soulie Renu were shopping. She was telling me her experiences with one of her friend who told her stories of how they shoplifted once. 

I was looking through the beatifully displayed shop windows just window shopping, trying on some dresses, looking through the what is called the imitation ices . But then I was very much interested in her story. Now this girl is like a yin to my yang and a yang to my ying. We are the ultimate partners in crime. 

My mind was on her talks and my eyes were on the shelves. I saw this beautiful neckpiece. It had to be mine! My eyes glistened just imagining me wearing it. I tugged at its label. 750 Rupees it said! Well, being a teenager and having a great choice is never a good idea! I was a teenager too back then with another equally crazy teenager! 

So I carefully pulled it out of the rack. Tried it on,  needless to mention, it looked fabulous! ” Buy it!”she exclaimed. “No its too expensive for me”, I shrugged and turned to mirror to check how I looked. IT SHOULD BE MINE! 

“Can they trace shoplifters? ” I asked her. She gave me an understanding look, while a woman eyed me suspiciously overhearing me. I pulled her hand. Sitting in the changing room we weighed our pros and cons. 

We just had to tear off the tag and pop it in our purse!  Rest was history. We planned and plotted. I was all set to tear the label and the bag was ready! But suddenly our conscience grew better of us and we decided to keep it away(Not really, we just spotted a CCTV overhead). 

Keep shopping!👜💵😇

The yin to my yang!


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