Those buff benches made me feel like a movie star! 

Few months ago my previous workplace had arranged for an event for the corporate social responsibility.

We had the opportunity to teach in a primary municipal school. Whether it is an old municipal school or whether it be a posh private school there is always a different kind of energetic vibe to a school. This school we had been had the same vibe. As we entered we could hear the children sing their morning prayers in a union.

We the scientists had decided and prepared  to display to these kids that science could be fascinating! It could be so intruguing! 

The school had put up all their benches and chairs. Arranged very well all the necessities which were required. We were no less!  We had packed our arsenals!  We had ballons and candles! Bottles, chemicals, burners, models, charts, colours, and what not and what more! We were all set. 

Now the students started coming in the hall where we were all prepped. The day was bright and so were the children. I could swear those were the happiest smiles I had seen ever. The cutest giggles. Then a coy looking kid stood before us his hands tucked beside as if glued, “What are you teaching us?” he asked. We started our day with him. 

We had simple yet fun experiments of filling up balloons with Carbon dioxide from the reaction of soda and citric acid with water, we had the osmosis experiment,  we also had the experiment of sublimation of Iodine giving out coloured fumes inside the covered funnel. This was just one stall!  Other creative minds had other fun experiments. We had a blast! We explained to the kids how these experiments were done. I should give credit to these tiny tots that they were pretty smart to catch up the tiniest details. 

Many of the students came to us said thank you! “We loved it! would you keep coming? Our labs are just namesake! We never have such fun with studies! ” shrugged a cute lil girl with two plaids and a cute red bow. Another one came to me and shook hands asking to click a picture. Suddenly looking at that a bunch of tiny giggly girls came up and asked for a picture too. The guy we had appointed for clicking started clicking feverishly.  These kids wanted to know about us,  our names,  our work, and many more such questions! Just when all this was going on I saw a guy sneaking up few balloons from the box. I gestured him controlling my laughter at the look on his face. I gave him a death stare. Then smiled slowly and handed him a few more with a promise that he would share with his friends. His eyes glistened with joy! 

The day continued with  endless fun and by the end of the day we were all in a trance. These kids took us out of our concrete jungles. They taught us more than we taught them. They would answer with simplicity when asked a question,  stating the obvious.

I still think to myself, does being a grown up makes you complicate your life? Where does the obvious disappear in the world of concepts and theories?

Then the time had finally come when we had to head back where we belonged. We packed up and started to leave. Suddenly me and my other colleagues could hear a huge cheer and calls! We looked up the window to see all the students wave to us from their classes.  Come soon! Thank you!  Didi (elder sister)! They waved with all their might! 

I am sure I did shed a tear or two! I was so overwhelmed and so were others!  We created an impact and how! That day thanks to those buff benches I felt like a movie star… 

Me and my friend at the CSR event! 


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