This post is dedicated to my tiny tot. My 2 year old niece who is my favorite person and is the only person who hits me when I cry.

Well there was this period about four months ago when I just lost my job (internship). This was the period I was completely depressed. Dejection and impatience were my best friends back then. About two weeks of job search later I decided to give it a break and wait for some response. In the mean time I grew closer to this tiny little angel…

I used to practically keep myself busy with my niece, parenting her! Since my brother and sister in law are working parents, I got a lot of time alone with my niece. I used to prep her, feed her, change her diapers, watch tv commercials on you tube(her personal favorites repeatedly!!), play with her. If i ever got depressed or cried she used to come, reach my face and give me kisses and if I still wouldn’t stop then I guess she used to feel restless and start to hit me playfully. After two to three days of this therapy with my two year old therapist I felt relaxed. Just by the look in her eyes of complete awe for her aunt, unexpected pecks on my cheeks and her endless love for me, I started loving myself. She taught me the true meaning of innocence.

I grew too close to her over next one month. Then about that time I interviewed for the company I work with currently. Finally the day of my joining arrived.

I was now reluctant to go for the job on my first day. I wanted to be at home, playing with this bundle of joy. I had developed something similar to post partum depression even without giving birth! This was when I realised a woman need not give birth to experience motherhood. Its infused in us!
This infusion of love and motherly affection is the major essence of being a woman….

Me and my baby niece💖



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